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UV light with wavelength of 365nm and 395nm
The shorter the wavelength of the UV flashlight, the darker the light would be. For example, UV wavelength of 395nm is brighter than 365nm. Below are the pictures taken by the two flashlights, the difference between 395nm and 365nm can easily be seen.
Picture above is the UV 365nm flashlight shining to the RMB,which shows golden yellow, reflector of the florescence parts is clear, the other parts can hardly see the UV.
These are the application picture of wavelength of 395nm, florescence can easily be seen, but it can’t show the reflector at the small parts of the back.
See from the application pictures, different wavelengths have different display results. 365nm shows the best, 385nm is the second, 395nm is the last.
These are the application pictures of two different wavelengths shining to the money.
You can easily distinguish the 365nm from other common wavelengths by the application pictures above. Take RMB for example, the biggest difference is 365nm can show the back side of the RMB, with good fluorescent ink pattern, meanwhile, we can hardly see or even can’t see by the common wavelength.